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Getting your website analytics and all conversions tracking with correct sources into a single view is a game-changer. If you don’t believe your data is reliable or you have gaps in your data sharing — Let Me Help.

Companies that use data to drive their marketing decisions see an average 26% increase in ROI.
Source: McKinsey & Company

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Google Analytics

I will audit your Google Analytics and to make sure it's collecting accurate data and reporting on the metrics that matter. I'm certified in Google Analytics. I will factor in your unique business goals to configure your account, provide easy access to performance data, and build confidence in your marketing decisions.

SEO Website Audit Reinvent Interactive Patti Dalessio


You'll want to be sure that your Google Tag Manager is implemented reliably to account for cross-domain session and conversion tracking. This should be fully tested and linked to your PPC, SEO and Analytics efforts.

Reporting Dashboard Reinvent Interactive SEO and Google Ads Patti Dalessio

Reporting Dashboard

I provide all of my SEO, PPC and Reporting clients with access to an up to the day reporting dashboard. This integrates Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console, (most) Call Tracking Apps, Social (paid and organic efforts) and more. These are custom-crafted for each client and logins are provided to you and your whole team.

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